2018 last meeting of the Board
December 13, 2018

2018 last meeting of the Board

First meeting of the new Secretary General, Ambassador Rodríguez-Andía. economic and politic actuality was reviewed

The President of the Foundation, Susana de Sarriá, welcomed the new Secretary General, Ambassador Rodríguez-Andía, and thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation this appointment, highlighting his distinguished career in the diplomatic corp.

Ambassador Rodríguez-Andía thanked his appointment, and expressed his availability to the members of the Board and expressed his particular interest in this new post. The work in the Foundation will allow him to work the diplomacy from a different view.

The Secretary General analysed the Foundation action plan for next year, in which is scheduled a new edition of the Australian Leaders Program, as well as several seminars and round tables, and the interview section of testimonies.

The current Australia political and economic situation, the Brexit and the upcoming general elections were the main issues in the meeting. The General Director for International Economic Relations, Cristina Serrano, offered an analysis of them, which inputs were greatly valued by all the members.

Review on the last semester SAFC activity

During the meeting they analysed as well the activities celebrated during the last semester of 2018, the working lunch with the European Australian Business Council, the Earth Forum, celebrated the 16th November in Canberra, and the working breakfast with Ambassador Guivarra sponsored by our Patron Acciona.

The Foundation attended to the NuShip "Supply" launching in Ferrol, the firt of the AOR Ships that our Patron Navantia is building for Australia.

The last semester of the year has been marked by the arrival of Susana de Sarriá to the Presidency of the Foundation, as well as the appointment of the previous Secretary General, Ambassador Dezcallar, as Ambassador of Spain to Croatia. One of the last activities of our previous Secretary General was the meeting with JMinister Borrell, together with the other Secretaries General of the Council Foundations, in which they explained him the objectives and activities of the SACF.

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